Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Window pane (pain)! ; )

I know window panes have been used in decorating for quite some time. I need some input on what is the easiest method for painting/distressing one of these. Did you use a paint brush? Spray it? Any advice would be sincerely appreciated. If I plan to use this for pictures in each glass pane how or what does one use to keep them in place? I would want to be able to have them showing from behind the glass and not quite as big as each of the panes (maybe about 2 inches of clear glass showing around each picture?!) looking forward to your helpful ideas that you can share with me!


  1. i've always painted mine with brushes...i also mixed a bit of sealer with the paint to help it adhere better...then varnished the painted portions several times when i'm done...i saw a window on someone's blog where they had done a mosaic on it...i'm going to try that...

  2. Kim...if the glass won't come sparkling clean...try oven cleaner...works great on crummy dirty windows....just an idea....

  3. Thank you! I can not wait to get this project stated!