Sunday, February 19, 2012

My worldly find...

Love this lighted metal globe I just recently found at the thrift store!  Not a bad find for $7.99! It is sitting proudly downstairs in the family room.  
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  1. O MY! My favorite! I found one a while back and still love it. It's in my kids room. Funny, I hadn't ever seen one and I found two in one day (different thrift stores).

  2. Good buy! I've been on the lookout for cheap globes.
    I am a fellow thrift store lover!

  3. I love this globe! I love that it is metal and the glow from it is so soft and relaxing to look at! A few weeks back I found a cardboard one(not nearly as nice)for $1.99 it was worth it sits on my daughters desk! Now to find an old world map!