Sunday, March 25, 2012

My $4.99 table...

This is what the top looked like Before we did any work to it. I did not get a picture of it on the base before we started to attack it...darn it! You can see whoever owned it prior had started to paint it. The base is black and scuffed in a few spots and perfect for the look I wanted so nothing was done to the base!

A little sanding from my assistant!

Some paint was added...

more paint was added...

and one more color was added...this is the final color. I love it!

Here is the base (lame picture its all I have right now)

I found this little table at the thrift store a couple months back and as soon as I spotted it I knew it was the perfect size and shape for our family room. All it needed was a little T.L.C! I had no idea how I wanted to re-do the top I just put some random colors of acrylic paint on it until I got the tones & colors that appealed to rhyme or reason just went with the flow and the flow ended up like this! I love how it turned out.

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